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A wide range of clients and industries over the past 35 years.

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Ricoh Corp.

Microsoft Business Solutions
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3M Health Care
Regions Hospital
Fairview Children’s Hospital

Cue at the Guthrie
Café Modern
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Cirdan Health Systems and Consulting
Wagner Falconer Judd Law Firm
GK Services
Northland Securities
Synergy Graphics
Rose Creek Builders
Thomson Reuters

Great River Greening
Saint Paul Winter Carnival
Metropolitan Mosquito Control District
Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce
Metropolitan Emergency Services Board
Metro Region EMS System
Wilder Foundation

Gander Mountain
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Hitching Post

SharePoint Credit Union
American Express Financial
Conseco Financial

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We are experienced, smart, strategic, and highly creative.
Just what you’re looking for.

We are a full-spectrum marketing communications agency—with a successful 35-year history in a variety of industries, markets and technologies. We offer complete services in a wide range of media to help you effectively communicate your brand story and messages.

That’s us in corporate speak.

In human terms, we’re a collection of some of the brightest, most talented professionals east of the Mississippi working together to solve your communications problems through integration of digital and traditional media.

And we’re not only very smart, we’re very friendly and very easy to work with.


Say hello to the professional and personal side of our leadership team.

Brad Moore


Carla Januska

Director of Brand Strategy

John Ruddy


Mike Davis

Creative Director

Theresa Weber

Director of Account Planning and Business Development


What's up.

The new look of Concept Group

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Creating a new logo is always one of the most challenging—and exhilarating—design tasks. As the essence of everything a brand stands for, logos need to communicate a lot of information in a very small space very quickly.

Logos set the visual tone for a brand. They need to differentiate their company from their competition while still fitting in with industry standards and design trends. To be simultaneously timely and timeless. Simple yet intriguing. Impactful but elegantly natural.

We run into these high expectations all the time as we work with clients who are rebranding, but more recently in a personal sense when we took our upcoming move to the 1st National Bank Building as an opportunity to update our own brand.

On the way from initial ideas to final files, there was a lot for us to consider, just as there is for clients going through this process. We referred to our longstanding belief in the power of creativity to fuel business and our tireless devotion to bold solutions. Now we’re proud to announce the fourth Concept Group logo since our founding in 1978.




With an uncommon shape and sharp contrasting colors, our new logo blends elegance and impact across digital and print media. You’ll be seeing it in newsletters, documents and, of course, our social media. We’re also launching a new agency website in the coming weeks, so keep your eye out for that too!

Matt Connell tackles tired marketing terms in BMA Blog

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This post by Concept Group copywriter Matt Connell originally appeared on the Business Marketing Association (BMA) of Minnesota blog on 11/16/15.

Replacing tired terms in your marketing vocab.

Every writer has done it. Whether it’s in an email, tweet, website or advertising copy, we’ve all found ourselves relying on words and terms that have run their course. Maybe a new toothbrush with an extra weird shape was “innovative,” or a slightly less boring loan application process was a real “game changer.”


The problem with these words, aside from often causing actual physical pain to both writer and reader, is that they are neither innovative nor game changing. They aren’t always the most accurate descriptors, either. It’s not anyone’s fault, because when it comes to applying these terms to the business world in which you live, they can fit… sometimes. Luckily there are some easy ways to put a little pepper into your word pot.


Sometimes all you need to do is ask.

Any creative team, ad agency or marketing firm you’ll ever work with to help produce ad campaigns, email blasts, websites, brochures, etc. simply wants to do fun and creative work. But more importantly, they want to please you, the client. With that said, by giving your creative partners the go-ahead to strive for vibrant new lingo, you open the door for eye-catching, memorable work and increased brand/business awareness. Plus, you just might have some fun in the process, and your relationship with your partners could be stronger because of it.

Always know what’s “on fleek.”

When choosing a marketing agency, no one can put a price on the wisdom that comes with experience. Still, there’s a lot to be learned from what those whippersnappers are up to. So many young creatives are brimming with vibrant ideas and new, often profound ways of thinking. Luckily for businesses everywhere, they’ve helped create a new colorful vocabulary from which we can borrow. So, by keeping in mind the latest kid-speak, you can start taking your corporate voice in virtually unlimited directions.

For example:
“This app is very informative and interesting.”               becomes  “This app is tight.”
“This style of automobile is no longer popular.”              becomes “This ride is played.”
“Please stop behaving in an over-eager manner.”         becomes “Chill.”

Merriam-Webster has created The Open Dictionary for words and terms too new to have made their way into the actual dictionary.

​Don’t be afraid to take a risk. 

Try to remember, if you’re worried whether pushing for bold vocabulary in your marketing copy is worth it, the worst thing that can happen is that it might not work out. At the very least you will have tried, and beyond that, you’ll be planting the seeds of new thinking and new possibilities for the future. You might even begin to see your own business in a new light that leads you to your ultimate goal: money.

Meredith Vaughan has some great insights on acceptable risks in advertising for Ad Age Magazine.

Of course these are merely a couple suggestions out of the practically endless possible ways to utilize new words and terms, and the tried and true words and phrases of the marketing industry still have their place for a long time to come. But one thing’s for sure: at some point, some great wordsmiths are going to come along and be real game changers by adding catchy, ultra-descriptive new words into our everyday lexicon, forever altering our collective marketing language. Don’t be salty because you missed out.

Matt Connell was born in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1978, and according to his calculator, that makes him 36 years old. Matt, being the creative type, always doodling and jotting things down, knew copywriting was the perfect gig for him. So, he clawed and scratched his way into the industry, and in the few short years of his ad career he’s become known for his far-out ideas and oft-unconventional vocabulary. He has experience with iconic brands such as 3M, Jamba Juice, and Mosaic among several others, and is now working to make new brands come alive at Concept Group in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he hopes to blow minds with cool ideas and ultra-engaging copy for years to come.

Rising in the Ranks: Dakota Chalich

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Dakota ChalichSince joining Concept Group just six months ago, Dakota Chalich has advanced our clients’ brands and built our reputation. We’re happy to announce Dakota’s promotion from account supervisor to account director and look forward to seeing her continue to grow in her role at Concept Group.

Congrats, Dakota!

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