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analytics-iconThe digital age has brought a host of new tools and tactics to marketers, but few are as powerful as analytics. In-house experts at Concept Group are well versed at using data to boost marketing efforts and guide strategy.

Our team leverages all capabilities of Google Analytics as appropriate for our clients’ websites, and we take care to customize our approach for every platform and property. Customers behave differently in every industry, media and purchase process, so we know how important interactions and data points can vary between different sites. When building analytics into a client property, our interactive team pitches in to ensure the coding is sound and all the data is collected correctly.

Once our team has a full set of data—traffic flow, conversions and other behaviors, depending on the property—we deliver timely reports and advise on everything from webpage design tweaks to larger campaign objectives and strategies.

With analytics, marketers can measure success and continue to improve upon it. For example, when our analysts look at the rise in conversion rates on a specific ecommerce platform, we can also see where customers are still falling out of the funnel. This lets us pinpoint opportunities and develop creative solutions to keep building sales and move the needle.

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PPC, AdWords and other forms of search advertising are extremely efficient, reliable and measurable ways to boost web traffic and sales. As a Google Partner, Concept Group is an industry-certified source for top-notch search campaigns.

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