Cummins Power Generation honors community heroes.


Cummins Power Generation, having just launched a new community-focused campaign and website, was looking to cost-effectively build primary awareness and deepen consumer engagement with its residential line of power generators. Concept Group proposed a completely digital campaign that gave a shout-out to average, everyday “community heroes.” The idea was to honor Good Samaritans through a social media campaign that got people talking about Cummins Power Generation.


The Concept Group team developed a campaign called “Give Someone the Hero Treatment,” where the public was invited to nominate anyone from within their social circle they felt should be recognized. Selected “heroes” could receive $1,000 and the nominators were entered into a drawing to win a Cummins Home Standby Generator. Nomination was nothing more than a simple form with contact information and a brief description about why their nominee deserved to be recognized as a hero. Concept Group also encouraged participants to post their nominations onto social media with the hashtag #herotreatment to maximize engagement and draw more nominations.


The campaign had been running for just over two months when it had accrued more than 500 nominated heroes. Nominees—from next-door neighbors to teachers to police officers—had their good deeds celebrated by the Cummins Power Generation Hero Treatment campaign. Out of these nominations, many were posted on social media, gaining multiple likes and shares, as well as significant positive PR for Cummins Power Generation. Participants were also given the option to receive information on Cummins home standby generators, and a large percentage requested it. It was a classic win-win situation, with Cummins Power Generation achieving a boost in consumer awareness and engagement and consumers being rewarded for being community heroes.

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